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We carry an array of products for nurses, about nurses, from nurses. You can read about The Nurse Behind the Product on our blog.  Nurse Born Products started with the The Original Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder an important little clip for your stethoscope now called The Koala~Qlip helps take the weight off your neck with a koala-like grip.  From there it became our mission to find awesome, unique, quality made products inspired by or invented by nurses.

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Nurse Born Blog: The nurses behind the products!

PUNCHED by Alzheimer’s Disease

Punched by Alzheimer's Disease One of the saddest days that I can remember is the day that my Mother was told that she had Alzheimer’s Disease. I clearly see the small, windowless room and large conference table where my brother and I sat across from her at the...

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Nurse Interrupted, A Story of Lyme Disease

I developed more symptoms: FATIGUE not the…I didn’t sleep well last night and now have to work a 12 hours shift type of fatigue, more like, I am wearing 20 lead vest, have been drugged with a sedative and now have to climb out of quicksand type of fatigue. The fatigue was relentless and debilitating.

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Scrubs On a Mission – Batiks for Life

Scrubs on a Mission, Batiks for Life Scrubs on a Mission - We love products that are different, that have a story behind them and support a good cause, that is why we were incredibly excited to team up with Sara Corry, Co-Director of Healthy Villages, Inc., a...

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The Problem with My Stethoscope

I still remember my first stethoscope a Littmann – Classic III with pretty Caribbean Blue tubing. It was the first nursing tool that I bought after getting accepted into nursing school and I couldn’t wait to learn how to use it.

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