Baby’s bottom is a delicate area that often gets irritated from diaper rash other bacterial infections.  Finding a safe and natural product can be daunting.  Store shelves are stocked high with all kinds of baby’s bottom skin care; creams, salves and diaper rash ointments for your baby, but when April Pilet, a clinical documentation improvement nurse, wanted to find a product that was free of petrolatum, preservatives, parabens and other nasty additives for her baby’s skin she was out of luck. Frustrated after trying multiple skin care products that either didn’t work or caused more irritation to an already sore baby’s butt, April turned her kitchen into a lab and started experimenting with different products.

My Baby’s Bottom Skin Care was born:

Through trial and error and a lot of research, the benefits of coconut oil peaked April’s interest. She learned that coconut oil has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well as the incredible ability to soften the skin. The problem was that plain coconut oil didn’t stay put, it seemed to “roll” off her daughter’s skin. Determined to find a solution, April combined the coconut oil with different natural ingredients until she found the perfect combination.

Pleased with the healing and skin smoothing effects that her concoction had on her baby’s skin, April decided to share her homemade skin care cream with family and friends. Soon her brood was spreading the word to their family and friends about the amazing product that April called “My Baby’s Bottom”. Friends told her that her cream was not only giving them relief from dry, cracked skin but also from conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, chafing, and even that “under the boobie” rash that woman with large breast sometimes suffer from. April began to suspect that she had something more than a diaper rash cream and that it’s great for people of all ages.

My Baby's Bottom Skin Care

The idea to market “My Baby’s Bottom” came about when April gave it as a gift to her friend at her baby shower. The mom-to-be passed the amazing cream around and all the guest tried and loved it. They convinced April to start selling her skin care product. My Baby’s Bottom became a hit at craft shows and before she knew it, small mom and pop stores, Pediatrician and aestheticians offices as well as pharmacies were stocking it on their shelves. As demand for My Baby’s Bottom grew, April’s supplies and inventory took over a spare room in her house. She now sells on various platforms and Internationally as well as on Nurse Born Products!
They don’t teach nurses about business in nursing school, so when April is not busy working at her day job, caring for her daughter and fulfilling orders, she spends her time learning about business and product marketing. Like many entrepreneurs will tell you, there are a lot of sacrifices that you have to make in order to become successful. For example: April has had to put off much needed home renovations and decline invitations to go out with the “girls” on Saturday nights. The satisfaction of having a product that help keep her customer’s skin healthy outweighs the sacrifices.

All entrepreneurs look back and think about what they would do differently. When asked, April stated that she wished that she chose a different name for her product, because people tend to think that it is only for babies. The name has special meaning for April because it was originally created for her baby’s bottom. Here at Nurse Born Products, we like the name. To us, it suggests that we can have skin as smooth and soft as a babies bottom!

April has some great tips for nurses who are thinking about starting their own business:

  • Find a mentor or several mentors.  SCORE and the Small Business Administration are free resource that matches entrepreneurs with mentors.
  • Be flexible, have a plan but expect it to change many times.
  • Put yourself out there, take risk and network, network, network!
  • Sign up and watch as many free webinars as possible.

Visit April on her social media:

You can purchase a jar of “My Baby’s Bottom” from Nurse Born Products here.  Just beware, you will be hooked!

Have you ever created something that family and friends said “you should market this”? We would love to hear about it in the comments.






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